Tagg Romney Takes a Swing at Young Voters

In a Mitt Romney conference call geared toward young Americans, the campaign left it up to Tagg Romney to make the case for his father. GO

An Overview of Marriage Equality Questions on Four State Ballots

An overview of what’s at stake for LGBTQ families in various states this election cycle. GO

The Deferred Action Process Is Working, But Mitt Romney Would Stop Its Success

Despite early success with deferred action, Gov. Romney would end the program if elected. GO

Misleading Ad Counts on Racism to Push Myth of 'Free Phones' From Obama

A recent ad uses racism and lies to sway voters. GO

More LGBT Candidates Than Ever From Both Parties

The trend toward LGBT rights has not been an exclusively partisan one. GO

Millennials Increasingly Engaged in Election, Polls Find

A survey of a group of over 1,600 Millennials was taken once in July and again in October, with some very interesting results. GO

Biden: Transgender Discrimination 'The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time'

It’s not just talk. The Obama administration has implemented numerous policy changes to help transgender Americans fight discrimination. GO

Hurricane Sandy A Hurdle To Voting

Hurricane Sandy did more than give the candidates a reason to soften their attacks and slow their schedules, it also put a halt to early voting in some states. GO

Marriage Equality On The Ballot

Advocates for LGBT rights have struggled for years to make their case and eliminate discrimination in the country’s laws. Now it looks as if 2012 could be the year for victories in states around the nation. GO

Voter Suppression through Misinformation

Even with Voter ID laws struck down, faulty information may still keep people from voting. GO

Voter Suppression in the US Gets Attention from the UN

A UN partner organization will be monitoring polling booths next week to ensure fair voting processes. GO

Maryland DREAM Act Gets High-Profile Endorsements

The Maryland DREAM Act receives a boost with two key endorsements just a week before the Nov. 6 election. GO

Student Debt; A Heavier Load for Young Borrowers of Color

While education can be a viable pathway to prosperity, the student debt crisis has hit young people of color the hardest and risks pushing parity out of reach for many. GO

Video: Television News Starts Covering The Link Between Climate Change And Superstorm Sandy

Media outlets are just now beginning to link Hurricane Sandy to a much larger problem. GO

3 Highlights From The Citizens United Senate Hearing

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing last month entitled “The Citizens United Court and The Continuing Importance of the Voting Rights Act.” Here’s what you missed. GO