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Immigration: The 'Civil Rights Issue of Our Time'

Sen. Robert Menendez’s (D-NJ) called for reform at an event hosted by the Center for American Progress. GO

For Obama's Second Term, Filibuster Threatens Progress

With a relatively unchanged congress, Obama still faces challenges in pushing policy and appointing judges. GO

Jezebel Feeds the Trolls

Was Jezebel’s public shaming of racist teen posts exposing ignorance, or just feeding the trolls? GO

Romney Claims Obama Won Youth Vote Because He Gave Millennials 'Gifts'

The three main “gifts” he cites should hardly be considered such. GO

Social Media and Politics: A Double-Edged Sword?

Is the internet the right place for political discourse? GO

Youth Support Obama Despite Economic Hardship

And the President made sure he thanked them. GO

Another Threat to Democracy: 'Go to Jail, Lose Your Vote'

As many states expand restricting felon voting laws, “go to jail, lose your vote” seems to be becoming increasingly accurate. GO

Sanity Break: Election Silliness [VIDEOS & MORE]

Have a laugh while you’re waiting. And waiting. And waiting.


Climate Change And The Illusion Of Choice

The candidates’ silence on climate change ignores a key youth issue. GO

VIDEO: Romney and For-Profit Colleges

How Gov. Romney really feels about for-profit colleges. GO

Tagg Romney Takes a Swing at Young Voters

In a Mitt Romney conference call geared toward young Americans, the campaign left it up to Tagg Romney to make the case for his father. GO

An Overview of Marriage Equality Questions on Four State Ballots

An overview of what’s at stake for LGBTQ families in various states this election cycle. GO

The Deferred Action Process Is Working, But Mitt Romney Would Stop Its Success

Despite early success with deferred action, Gov. Romney would end the program if elected. GO

Misleading Ad Counts on Racism to Push Myth of 'Free Phones' From Obama

A recent ad uses racism and lies to sway voters. GO

More LGBT Candidates Than Ever From Both Parties

The trend toward LGBT rights has not been an exclusively partisan one. GO