Romney on Affording College: Join the Military or ‘Shop Around’

Flickr / Gage SkidmoreMitt Romney hasn’t discussed his plans for higher education much on the campaign trail, and he offered a relatively meek response when asked about making college more affordable during a campaign event on Monday.

The GOP frontrunner offered the following:

My best advice is find a great institution of higher learning. If you can’t afford it, shop around for loans, make sure you go to a place that’s reasonably priced, and if you can, think about serving the country in the National Guard.

Shopping around for loans or joining the military? Certainly that’s not Mitt Romney’s plan for affordable higher education?

A quick look at his campaign website would suggest it is—at least for now. There are 22 issues listed on the candidate’s website, each with detailed policy visions. Education is not one of them.

Instead, voters have been left to piece together his vision for college affordability by looking at what he’s said on the issue throughout the campaign. Continue reading