About Us

Move over middle-aged political pundits—there’s a new player in town.

Pushback is a blog for young people who want young politics.

A project of Generation Progress Action, Pushback.org provides in-depth and timely coverage on key elections, issues, and policies that relate to young Americans. We recognize the topics that impact young people—like equality, affordable and meaningful education, and making America a better place—and we work to bring light to those issues though news blurbs, videos, graphics, profiles, and regular features.

We’re sick of the same old television pundits projecting low voter turnout among youth and minorities. We’re sick of party politics blocking any real change.

We’re more energized than ever. Pushback features a range of contributors with smart commentaries to analyze the news, both on the campaign trail and throughout the year.

It’s time to question the talking heads and challenge the candidates. It’s time to speak for ourselves. It’s time to pushback and amplify young Americans’ voices in the political dialogue.