Donald Trump’s Student Debt “Plan” Could Cost Borrowers 78% More On Their Loans And Leave Millions Of Millennials Behind

By Hannah Finnie and Maggie Thompson Americans can’t afford Donald Trump—literally. The Republican presidential nominee has spent precious little time talking about—let alone proposing solutions for—the student debt crisis, which has left 43 million Americans $1.3 trillion in debt. While … GO

Vote Higher: Higher Education Messaging Toolkit

Today, 43 million Americans hold some sort of student debt, America holds $1.3 trillion in student loans, and the average student is graduating with nearly almost $30,000 in debt. Millennials know this is a crisis—they’re experiencing it first-hand. Recent research shows that it’s … GO

Want More Millennials To Vote? Talk To Them About Higher Education.

Millennials may be the most diverse generation in history, but concern for higher education and student debt cuts sharply across race and gender lines. According to a new poll released by Generation Progress Action, three of the top five issues … GO

STATEMENT: Generation Progress Action’s Maggie Thompson Donald Trump’s Divisive Campaign and Secretary Clinton’s Response

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 26, 2016 CONTACT: Kyle Epstein, 202-481-8137   STATEMENT: Generation Progress Action’s Maggie Thompson Donald Trump’s Divisive Campaign and Secretary Clinton’s Response Washington, D.C.— Maggie Thompson, Executive Director of Generation Progress Action, issued the following statement in response … GO

What Does It Mean When A Police Union Asks For A Temporary Ban Against Open Carry?

By Cathy Tang When the world didn’t end in 2012, thousands of Doomsday preppers emerged from their underground bunkers disappointed by the relative calm of the scheduled apocalypse. Fortunately for them, they can once again pull out their survival kits … GO

STATEMENT: Generation Progress Action’s Maggie Thompson on Secretary Clinton’s Debt-Free Future Proposal

Washington, D.C.—Today, Secretary Hillary Clinton announced a sweeping plan to address the soaring cost of higher education and the crippling loan debts that those costs induce. Under Secretary Clinton’s proposal, families who make under $125,000 per year will be eligible for tuition-free higher … GO

Rick Scott

Millennials And The 2014 Florida Gubernatorial Race

The 2014 Florida gubernatorial election—which pits incumbent Gov. Rick Scott (R) against former Gov. Charlie Crist (D)—is one of the most competitive races in the country. Florida has traditionally been a bellwether for national elections, and in the 2012 presidential election, the Millennial vote was key to tipping the state in favor of President Barack Obama. GO


Yes on Initiative 594

Generation Progress Action phonebanks with the Brady Campaign for universal background checks in Washington state. GO

Mark Udall, Cory Gardner

Millennials and the 2014 Colorado Senate Race

Colorado has historically been a battleground state for elections, and with the two front-runner Senate candidates within a 3 percent margin of each other, the state’s 2014 elections are no exception. GO

Anti-Obamacare Group Plans To Misinform Public With Fake Health Insurance Cancellation Flyers

Members of the Arlington Falls Church Young Republicans plan to hand out anti-Obamacare propaganda on Sunday during a speech President Obama is scheduled to give in support of Democratic candidate for Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe. GO

Texan: I Can’t Pay The Bills Because Of The Shutdown

Thomas Kewitt has been furloughed from his a realty specialist position with the Federal Aviation Administration and worries that if the shutdown continues, he will have to file for bankruptcy. GO

Four Things You Can Do TODAY To Call For Common Sense Gun Reforms

The Senate is expected to vote on several gun measures today. Here’s what you can do to make your voice heard. GO


Immigration: The 'Civil Rights Issue of Our Time'

Sen. Robert Menendez’s (D-NJ) called for reform at an event hosted by the Center for American Progress. GO

SOURCE: Flickr/s_falkow

For Obama's Second Term, Filibuster Threatens Progress

With a relatively unchanged congress, Obama still faces challenges in pushing policy and appointing judges. GO

SOURCE: Flickr/MyOkram

Jezebel Feeds the Trolls

Was Jezebel’s public shaming of racist teen posts exposing ignorance, or just feeding the trolls? GO